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Waste Not, Want Not

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Lastly I want to talk about the pressures that come with the population and industrialization.

In one of my posts I talked about water scarcity and it is important to note that water scarcity does not occur solely through natural causes. There are some cases where it can be due to human actions that are preventable if we are more cautious.

One thing that developing countries probably all have in common is that they are striving to be DEVELOPED. There are consequences of development though, one of which is that the industries and growth must not be supported by the same amount of natural resources that were available in the first place.

Coca-Cola’s challenges with water use  in India is the example of this that I chose to use. Coca Cola has tremendously benefitted India because it has provided jobs, income, and more economic prowess to India due to its presence. However, not all of the impacts have been positive.

This article in the economist highlights the misuse of water resources In India and how this has been problematic. Many farmers and villagers are complaining because Coca-Cola is using too much of the water supply in Rajasthan that is already prone to drought.

Rajasthan, India

I also found this video clip that I think summarizes the issue fairly well.

Indian Farmers, Coca-Cola Vie for Scarce Water Supply

While Coca-Cola has responded to these complaints and promised to be more responsible, it is hard to tell how much is just talk and will soon be superseded by the drive to make a profit.

It is important to remember that industry, development, and change are a good thing. However, being a steward of our natural resources, like water, is just as instrumental in the success of any communities ability to grow and prosper.



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  1. Bruce Clemens

    I am so proud of you. You did an excellent job all year. You complied a laudable story of water. If you are doing this for a course, I’d be happy to tell your instructor that you deserve and A+. I hope you are done for the semester. I’d like to invite you to the Business and Accounting Departments party on Thursday at the Carolina Ale House, starting at 8:00PM.

    • Dr. Clemens,
      I wish I had seen this before!I would have loved to join you all!
      Hopefully, I will see you all again sometime soon and I hope that Global Issues Forum continues to take on projects such as this one in an effort to help the global community and get other Furman students involved. It was truly a great experience for me to be able to write this blog and I have enjoyed it immensely!

      Hope you have an enjoyable summer,
      Jordan Sandwick


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