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WaterWalk Success

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I was just at the WaterWalk and the Soccer Extravaganza today and it was fantastic! I stayed for a couple hours (no I did not skip any of my classes) and I saw so many people come out and show their support. From the athletic teams to the students to the faculty and staff, Furman really rallied together today for these events. More than 400 people participated in our WaterWalk.  The Water Walk was a mass simulation of the mile trek that millions throughout the developing world experience in their quest for drinkable water.  Participants carried water bottles and containers of various sizes to help raise awareness that access to clean water demands our immediate attention.

You can click on any of the images below to view them larger or to see descriptions:

Thanks to everyone who came out today, Furman soccer, and the countless professors, students, organizations and many others who made this day possible.

However, the work isn’t over yet. Furman students and alumni have already raised $4,000 to fund an entire potable water system, but we need your help.

The Duke Endowment has generously committed to match gifts by any student, alumni or other donor. The project needs only $8,500 of further support to be fully funded. Any and all donations that you are able to make are gratefully welcomed with enthusiasm (just click here ), not only by those of us here at Furman, but the people of Esperanza San Antonio, Guatemala. Today when I was speaking with Dr. Bruce Clemens he said that he had emailed the link to this blog on to those in Guatemala and they were incredibly thankful and overwhelmed by the support being offered through this project.

Also, I feel like I have been neglecting to write about some of the more serious issues and the specifics about what and where lack of water and sanitation is seen around the world so be on the look out for that post which I am hoping to have up soon!


P.S. If you are interested in purchasing one of the Guatemala t-shirts sold during the WaterWalk please contact Nancy Cooper at the Heller Service Corp at Furman University. The phone number is (864) 294-2900 and her email is
Also feel free to stop by the Heller Service Corp office that is located in the upper level of the University Center.


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  1. Hi Jordon,

    You are incredible. I could not agree more! The final count of participants in the water walk was 400! Way to go students!! For me the highlight of the entire effort was the student leadership. It was a joy to participate in an effort where students got the final say…



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